Household insurance


The contents insurance protects against damage to the inventory

Objects such as furniture, electronics, sports and leisure equipment can be damaged quickly. With a household contents insurance you can protect yourself against financial losses due to damage to the inventory. However, all damage to structural facilities is excluded here. Household contents insurance is not compulsory, but it is still highly recommended.

Household contents insurance reimburses the new value

Regardless of whether you are a single household or a family household, a large amount of household items will accumulate over time. These things can be protected with home contents insurance. The insurance cover includes the reimbursement of damage caused by fire, theft or water. You are also covered against glass breakage with household contents insurance. As a rule, the replacement value of all insured items is replaced. This insurance offers reduced protection against damage that occurs outside the home, for example during a trip or vacation. Many insurers offer their customers the option of combining home contents insurance with personal liability insurance.

Pay attention to underfunding with household contents insurance

However, household contents insurance only offers optimal protection against damage and the resulting financial losses if there is no shortfall. This means that it should always be ensured that the sum insured really corresponds to the new value of the items in the household. For example, if you took out household contents insurance ten years ago with coverage of 100,000 francs, but today you have the most modern items in your home, which are now worth twice the value of the insured amount, then you have a dangerous shortfall. In such a case, the contents insurance would only cover half of the damage.

Take out household insurance according to your individual needs

In most cases, home contents insurance is offered in a modular system. This means that everyone has the opportunity to put together their own insurance cover individually. However, there are major differences between the various insurance providers, which is why a comparison is definitely recommended before taking out household insurance. This is the only way to get the best insurance cover at the best price. Caution is also advised with cash in the house. As a rule, household contents insurance only reimburses between 3,000 and 5,000 francs.